British Red Cross - Nepal Earthquake

Spending today getting resources ready to upload to the editors at the British Red Cross who have designers ready to work on producing the finished resource that I am working on, as we approach the anniversary of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake.
I have been given a lot of guidance from Rachel Hay, who experienced the earthquake in person.

I have been looking at some of the new video material that has been produced as part of the resource, and it's looking really good.

There is also a Flickr page of images from the earthquake that I've linked to, which can be viewed below. It will be interesting to see reports from Nepal a year on to assess the nature of the recovery, and whether it is happening in all parts of the country.

There will shortly be a page where you can sign up to be told when the resource is available. I've produced a range of interesting activities, and the resources are relevant to the new specs that people are teaching from September.