Fracking the Fylde for GEOG4B

Or as the hashtag goes #frackingthefylde

This is the title of AQA GEOG4B paper, and some of you may have come to this post as a result of a search for resources. If so, my choice of title worked…

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I'm not teaching Year 13 this year, but we are making use of the ZigZag pack, which is produced each year as part of the preparations.
You can follow the ZigZag folks on Twitter where they are sharing some resources that might be relevant for those who buy their pack. My colleagues have it on order, and will be moving on to that when they return to school in a couple of week's time. I've put a page on our department's VLE which has a load of links.

Here are a few resources. A VIMEO video: 

Fracking explained – opportunity or danger from Kurzgesagt on Vimeo.

This has some key information.

You should also visit the AQA Geography Ning and sign up of you're not already a member. There are various discussions taking place here with reference to the GEOG4B paper.