GA Conference 2016 - post 1 of 13

The first of 13 posts summing up my experience of this year's Manchester conference, along with resources and links to the things I contributed to.

This year, that included 4 presentations including a Teachmeet input and a number of other events, plus countless conversations.

Before I get stuck into that, I'd like to thank those who ended the conference with my Only GeoConnect session, which was a bit of an experiment and had a few technical issues, but seemed to go OK and was enjoyed by those people who came along - it could become a conference regular perhaps...
If anyone wanted to access the 'Connecting Walls' from the session, I created 4 just in case, and they are linked to HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

If you want the quiz rounds, then drop me an e-mail, or DM me on Twitter and I'll send them to you. They're also in a Google Drive folder HERE.

My conference journey started with the long journey to Manchester. I checked into the hotel and then walked down to the new venue for the evening lecture, and this turned out to be a very good move.
The lecture is open to anyone, and was given this year by John Raine, who worked in West Africa during 2014-15 and helped fight the battle against the spread of Ebola. The lecture was splendid.

Image shared on DFID Flickr page under Creative Commons license

I will share some notes in a later blog post.
After the lecture was the awards, which started quite rightly with Alan Kinder remembering Doreen Massey. Doreen was mentioned in almost all the sessions that I saw. Well done to all those collecting awards. For the first time in about 6 years I didn't win anything - which was shocking :) Although Digital Explorer did get a Silver and I've written chunks of that, so will claim that ;)

After that, it was over for the wine reception, before a pizza and then a pint in the Salisbury with Simon Oakes and Richard Bustin. A great start to the 2016 conference.

12 more posts to come over the next few weeks...

Finally, here's a Flickr album of some of my photos from the event.