GA Conference 2016 - post 10 of 13

After a break, I went to see the Rex Walford Memorial Lecture by Liz Taylor from Homerton College. PGCE students from Homerton used to come to my former school for their placement, and we hosted many over the years who brought their enthusiasm and ideas. We even employed 2 of them for a while: Laura and Guy, and this was a great time in the department, as they were always up for my mad ideas, as well as being strong teachers.
Rex used to come to visit the students, and we also had visits from Liz, at the time when she joined, and was putting together ideas which ended up in her excellent (Re)presenting Geography, which were trialled with students.
Liz was also very supportive of the first step that I took into research, which ended up with me having various interesting career changes in the last 10 years. I will be blogging about that in a few weeks time.

Claire shared some of Rex's book on the history of school geography, which I have a copy of, and also the way that places were represented in some of those old textbooks, and the absence of children from the old Key Geography books, which was an interesting perspective on the importance of children and their agency in the classroom at the time.