GA Conference 2016 - post 11 of 13

The afternoon of Saturday was as busy as the rest of the conference. There were several sessions relating to GeoCapabilities at this time. It was a pity that they were clashing a little. My colleague Elina Sarkella had come over from Helsinki to do a session alongside Richard Bustin talking about his PhD research, and Kelly and Duncan from the GeoCapabilities team were also doing a session on what GeoCapabilities means.

The new GeoCapabilities website is being worked on at the moment.
It makes use of story maps to hold a number of curriculum vignettes which have been put together by teachers to show how they are using particular objects in their teaching.

Another useful session that I didn't get to as it clashed with one of mine was given by the OCR Geography team. They had made use of some interesting contexts and activities to explore the city of Liverpool, including the creation of an ESRI StoryMap.

They also used a really useful hexagon diagram which showed the use of this tool to explore the stories of housing and the idea of making connections.

More on the OCR GCSE over the next few months as the books are nearing publication….