GA Conference 2016 - post 2 of 13

The first day of the conference started bright and early... and delegates started arriving. I took my first look at the new venue at the University of Manchester.

Bryan Ledgard has now shared some of his images from the event on the GA Flickr page and there are a few of me lurking in the background.

I started by collecting my programme, and visiting a few stalls to see the mock-up copies of the books that I've been working on for the last couple of years nearly... They are looking good, but will be good to get them published, and on sale. I started by moving up to the first of our SPC workshops called 'Changing the Subject'. It was good to see so many colleagues in the room - our SPC workshops are always well attended and get good feedback. Also good to see the Chief Executive Alan Kinder in there.

I also saw half of Duncan Hawley's lecture on interpreting landscapes, with a geology focus.
After the first break, I went in to the main lecture theatre to wait for Steve Rawlinson's Presidential lecture. The room filled up, and I sat up at the back.

Steve gave a really personal and personable lecture which took us on his geographical journey and had some great ideas. He did run out of time a little, but then I tend to as well... A really good element of the conference had slotted into place wonderfully.

Earlier it had been announced that Stephen Scoffham had won the election for the GA Presidency and is now the Junior Vice President for next year.