GA Conference 2016 - post 8 of 13

After Claire's lecture, we both agreed that it was 'time for a beer', so we went down to where the food and drink had been set out for the 2nd GA Teachmeet. This was going to be held in one of the lecture theatres, and after Becks and Pork pies, it was time for people to head upstairs. Sadly, Jo Debens was unable to attend, so I stood in to take her slot. As is usual, there was an introduction by David Rogers, followed by a random slot machine to choose who spoke. Simon Ross was up first, describing a resource relating to Iceland. Bob Lang introduced people to Windyty: a version of Nullschool but with historic data.
The next name out of the slot machine was mine. I spoke about my GeoLibrary project, and my Blipfoto activity over the last five years.

Richard Allaway was there with a 360 degree camera, and took the image below... I'm there if you look closely.

It was good to see so many people there at the end of a long day. Well done to David Rogers, Jo Debens and Richard Allaway for their organisation, and to Richard, Discover the World and others for sponsoring the event.

Here were the speakers:

1. 35 Years of Fieldwork - Paul Berry @unicorn4275
2. GeoLibrary - Alan Parkinson - me...
3. Getting ready for GIS Day 2016 - Raphael Heath @rhsb_geography
4. Bringing knowledge back; powerful knowledge in the Geography classroom - Richard Maurice @hfgeography
5. Investigating a sense of place using - Simon Ross
6. Connecting geography and literacy - from rapping to letter writing - Catherine Owen @GeogMum
7. Sharing Our Geography Debating Competition - James Riley
8. Using SOLO for challenge and assessment without levels at KS3 - Judith Roberts @JudithRoberts
9. Literacy @ KS5 - avoiding 'writingeverythingIknow' syndrome - Judy Gleen
10. From Abigail to ..... visualising storms - Bob Lang @boblanggeog
11. Cardboard - Richard Allaway @richardallaway

If you want to see the event, it was live streamed and recorded on YouTube and can be seen HERE.

After the event, I walked down to the Lass O' Gowrie pub with a few colleagues, and the pub was already very busy with geographers.
I stayed longer than expected because there were plenty of people to talk to, and the Raspberry Blonde that I was drinking was very tasty. Richard got his 360 camera out again, and captured me in conversation.