GA Conference 2016

So yesterday. I needed to try to get my head around the GA Conference later this week. I had a lecture to finish, which I managed, and then a session called Only GeoConnect which looks like being a real last-minute job, as I still have quite a few questions to write. I'm working on that now. If you've seen the TV series you'll know what to expect perhaps (or not)
I'll be supporting the SPC workshops that we are running, and supporting several friends who are presenting. I'm chairing a lecture that is being given by my colleague, Claire, on the use of curriculum artefacts, and visiting sessions by other project colleagues.

I will also be attending the Teachmeet and Beermeet on the Friday evening.
Once I get the conference programme booklet I'll confirm the sessions I'm going to, and blogging during the event itself, but as always there are many different sessions, and some of them inevitably clash.

Here's the handout from my lecture which will accompany the slides, which I'll share in various places as usual after the event.

CILT Lecture Handout from GeoBlogs

If you're around, come and say hi, I'll be wearing this hoodie, unless it's too warm…

While in Manchester, you'll also be able to catch the first day of the Shackleton Enduring Eye exhibition, which has moved to the Central Library from the Royal Geographical Society.
I will see you there !