Ian Cook on the beginnings of Follow the Things

I've worked with Ian several times over the years. I first met him in 2006 (10 years ago now!) when he took part in the Young People's Geographies project. I took a group of students over to Leicester for the first meeting, and Ian talked about his research. Latterly, I was involved in leading the YPG when I worked at the GA, and took it to its conclusion.

Later, I worked with Ian on new content for the Follow the Things website, working on producing some educational materials and approaches to get the idea into more schools. This involved a nice few days working down in Exeter.

Most recently, I helped with the contents of an English version of a pack on culture hacking which will be published shortly.

Watch Ian talk about his influences, and an important element of his work in the video above. I'm going to use some of those ideas in some writing I'm doing at the moment for a coffee company.


Ian Cook et al said…
Thanks Alan, it's been a pleasure working with you! More to come I hope. Ian