Bedales BACs

Ten years ago or so, Bedales school in Hampshire decided to move away from offering GCSEs to its students.
The idea was that GCSEs weren't offering the same challenge as could be offered by their own course, and so they developed their own courses: the Bedales Assessed Courses (BACs)

These course were bespoke to the students at Bedales, and provided the opportunity to make the most of their location.
Earlier this year, Paul Turner joined the school as Head of Geography, and started to overhaul the GEOGRAPHY courses with the support of Jackie and other colleagues. You can download the details on these courses as a PDF from HERE.

Earlier this week I headed down to take a look at these courses in action, which was a fascinating few days and I'm grateful to Paul for inviting me and for his colleagues for making me so welcome.

I found lots of fascinating work being produced, and a course which offered a great deal of innovation and lovely student outcomes.