Build it and they will come - new from the GA

A new resource for KS3-4 has been shared by the Geographical Association.
The resources have been produced in association with the Home Building Federation Ltd.

These key stage 3-4 resources from the Home Builders Federation Ltd, written in partnership with the Geographical Association, address a number of pressing issues through engaging enquiry questions that explore how population distributions have changed across the UK, why we need new houses, how builders meet local needs and what we mean by sustainable communities. They are accompanied by a range of up to date case studies that explore these issues in their local contexts and help to show how these issues are tackled in the UK.


Lesson 1: Why do we need new homes?
Lesson 2: How have populations changed across the UK?
Lesson 3: How do planners meet local needs?
Lesson 4: What is a sustainable community?
Lesson 5: Does the Bath Riverside development encourage sustainable communities?
Lesson 6: How do councils make decisions about where to build homes?
Lesson 7: How does South Oxfordshire plan to meet the housing need
Lesson 8: Where should we build the new homes? Decision-making exercise
Lesson 9: Building homes in challenging environments
Lesson 10: How can we make new homes more energy efficient