Euro 2016 - a context for learning… or a guarantee of exam distractions?

The Euro 2016 football tournament is held in France this year, and takes place between the 10th of June and 10th of July.
It is said that in a World Cup year, the exam performance of boys is affected.
Tournaments like this are also used by geographers as a context for exploring places, linking with Geography of Sport units. I've used the African Cup of Nations before to introduce students to the variety of African nations and cultures, but there is less of a focus these days on the EU, and it is missing from the National curriculum to a large extent.
The timing also clashes with other things that I'd rather be doing in the summer term, such as fieldwork.

I'm not intending making much of the competition, but there'll no doubt be a wall chart up, and will watch the odd game. I'm going to be supporting Iceland this time round.

Anyone else going to be going to town on this as a context for learning?
Interesting that the BREXIT referendum falls in the middle of the tournament... So we could be out of Europe after the first few weeks in more than one way...