GA Conference 2016 - post 12 of 13

It was now time for the final input of mine to the conference. I set up the room for my Only GeoConnect session which was a bit of an experiment. There were a number of rounds and originally it was going to be a little more sophisticated, but instead I had the one projector as there was no wall to project the spare one against, and Richard Allaway gave me a hand with the timings of the rounds.

It was a version of the BBC quiz, which is presented by Victoria Coren-Mitchell
Here's a picture of the quiz in action.

Thanks to those colleagues who were brave enough to volunteer to take part rather than just watch, and also those 40 or 50 colleagues who stayed until the end to finish their conference with this session. I think I got away with it...

We used PUZZ GRID to create the connecting puzzle walls.
See previous posts for some more of the questions, or get in touch and I'll send you a Dropbox link.