Micro:Bit and Geography

I've borrowed a BBC Micro:bit.
Every Year 7 is getting a copy of this new, tiny bit of technology, which is plug and play and which offers to help students explore the ideas behind coding.

There are plenty of resources out there for starting to use Python to code with it.

Does anyone have any Geography related ideas for how to get stuck into this little piece of technology?

Thanks to Glyn Rogers, for sending me some links to some resources for Micro:Bits.

This National Geographic page provides some ideas. 

The device features 25 LED lights and two programmable buttons, which can be used in game-play or to skip through tracks in a playlist. It also features an on-board compass to track the direction of the wearer.
Each micro:bit comes with a USB, cable and battery holder. 
To programme a micro:bit, kids simply need to connect it to their computer and add some simple lines of code to create the device they want.
The hope is that all those computer science skills might inspire a new generation of avid game developers, super software programmers and wacky website builders. Your BBC micro:bit could be where it all starts...

I also came across the iPhone app which was developed by Sciencescope iPhone App, which was developed by Sciencescope who I previously worked with on the DISTANCE project. Search top left to see more about this project.

Also found the FREE Hodder / Microsoft GETTING STARTED for Teachers Guide as a PDF download.

Also noted that there is a compass built in to the Micro:Bit... (see diagram opposite)