A few posts this week about a potential geography of festivals unit. I already have a fab one written by the Woolvens, and was also reminded of my trip to Glastonbury 40 in 2010, the year when it was hot and dry and there was no mud...I was there to work with friends from Mission:Explore and loved spending time with them.
Here's a good British Geological Survey post with map about why Glastonbury gets so muddy, something that the BBC also picked up on.

The location is worth exploring perhaps in Google Earth or similar? It's a bowl and water drains down into the bottom, and 170 000 pairs of feet doesn't do much for the soil structure. Some great tweeted images to capture now while you have the chance.

Thinking of putting this back into Year 7 curriculum for the coming year. Also found an old Collins Update I wrote for the KS3 textbook series that was shelved while I was working for the GA, on the links between Geography and Music - lots of exciting ideas there.

Last night, I watched the live stream of Sigur Ros, which was excellent…
Click the map below to see 'the geography' of Glastonbury 2016….