Iceland and tourism

Next time I go to Iceland I'm going to try to point my camera at things other than the usual. I've been a fair few times now (though nowhere near enough as it deserves) and each time there have been visits to the popular tourist locations around the Golden Circle, and the south coast. I've not made it quite as far inland and to the north and east as I'd like but there's time for that. However, there are some growing concerns over the impact that tourism is having in Iceland, and particularly in that part of the country which is most popular with tourists.
Record breaking numbers of tourist arrivals at Keflavik airport last year, and the opening of more flights to the east are putting pressure on certain sites.
I've started to put together a resource which gathers together some of those stories.
Of course there are many people who are very happy that there are increasing numbers of visitors, and building their businesses as a result.

I'll let you know when the resource is ready.