This is a small hand drawn book which I purchased this week from the artist Nick Soucek.
The zine community is flourishing, despite the obvious rise of the vlogger, the blogger and the use of digital publishing. It is still good to see hand-drawn illustrations on paper, and this is an area that my son is starting to get interested in as well.
I remember getting involved in similar publications when I was a student, and using the offset litho or banda machine to churn out copies. Plastic follows the story of a Plastic bottle through the millennia, from the death of a dinosaur, to the plastic processing, to its eventual disposal and journey into the sea. I like the idea that students could create something similar, and perhaps create a stop motion, or flip-book style animation.

Click the link above to get your own copy for just £2 (plus postage) and support independent artists like Nick by seeking out similar publications. There are a few other interesting-looking publications and images on Nick's website, with a landscape theme. It's no surprise to hear also, perhaps that Nick is a geographer.