Portugal trip - Post 1

After my trip to Salzburg last week, it was time to head off again.
This time, to work in Portugal with my friend Jaime Araujo in the city of Vidigueira in the Alentejo region of the country.

Here's a brief report...

Another trip to Vidigueira, this time to lead a week long course for a group of Turkish educators, including teachers of a range of curriculum subjects, accompanied by two colleagues from the local Ministry of Education. They had chosen from a number of courses, which had been developed a few years previously, and had a six hour journey from their home city of Malatya, outside of Istanbul.

The course they had chosen is entitled:
“Different ways of learning in pedagogy and andragogy: different visions and techniques”, and is a chance to discuss the theories of learning that apply to children, and compare them with some ideas, such as those of Malcolm Knowles on how adults learn.

The course was hosted by the school in Vidigueira I had previously worked at, which is in the Alentejo region, about 130km SE of Lisbon.

Day 1
Travel from Stansted – Lisbon, and then on to Cuba. In the evening, there was a trip to O Raposo, to meet the group, and start the conversations that would carry on for the next 4 days. This was the first of several visits to this restaurant, down a side street in Vidigueira, very much for locals, and overseen by an unhurried, and calm owner, whose wife was doing all the cooking. We were entertained by some acapella singing by one of the customer’s children.

And some images from the trip: