A raven worth praising

Fjallraven is a clothing brand which I've liked for some years now, for it's functional style. They also have a good approach to their corporate social responsibility.

"Our goal is a healthier outdoor life, now and for future generations."  Aiko Bode, Fjällräven's Chief Sustainability Officer, explains how we work with sustainability throughout the entire company.
Fjällräven makes functional, timeless and long-lasting outdoor equipment – all in order to have the lowest negative impact on the environment as possible. But our responsibility goes beyond our products. In 2013 we launched The Fjällräven Way, guidance tool  for our sustainability work, where we have chosen the compass as a symbol to show us the way. It contains four areas of activity, with the cardinal directions borrowed from the universal tool for way-finding.
In The Fjällräven Way, N stands for Nature and Environment, E for Economy and Business Processes, S for Social Responsibility and W for Wellbeing.