Do it Kits... coming to King's Ely

Fellow Mission:Explorer Helen is behind a company called Do it Kits.
She's been making a range of exciting and interesting kits for schools, which have an Arduino (or similar) board at their heart.
Helen's latest kit is currently being made, and laser cut, and the good news is that I'm getting some to play with at King's, and use them in the Geography department (and perhaps with my Geography Explorers' Club sessions)
We'll be using them to explore microclimates on the school site, of which there are quite a few, and trialling them.... as part of our Year 7 work.
Here's an image of the kits in Helen's workshop....

We'll be sharing what we do with them here and over at my Geography Teacher 2.0 blog.

Check the website for more on Do it Kits.