GeoLibrary project complete

So, back in January 2013, I started a 365 project which was supposed to take one year.
Each day I was going to focus on one of the books on my book shelf, which had a geographical connection and post a picture of the cover and some details on the book…
I got up until mid-August without a problem as I was freelance at the time, and had rather more time to do such frivolous things. Then I got a job back in teaching and suddenly all my spare time disappeared... and the project stalled.
Since then, I've been adding a few more books as and when I get them, and when time permits - often it's been displacement activity when I really should have been doing something more important...

I've had nearly 20 000 page views so far, which is great.

But now it's done... and I have a book for every day of the year.

I hope that you will find some books that you hadn't heard of, and perhaps inspire you to add them to the shelves of your own GeoLibrary.

What books have I missed?
What would you add as your February 29th - extra leap year day book?

I'll probably keep adding significant new books as and when. There are probably still another 100 or so books on my shelves that I haven't added...