OCR 'B' GCSE Scheme of Work builder

Now that you've bought the OCR 'B' GCSE book from Hodder, which I hope you all have, you'll need to start planning.
Hodder have a range of suitable resources to take the edge of that, and do some of the hard work for you (because we've done that), but there's also a useful tool on the OCR website which allows you to put together a Scheme of Work and timetable to help track the work you are doing with young people.

The scheme of work builder allows you to create a bespoke scheme of work using the extensive range of resources we have provided for each specification. Each specification has been broken down into statements and mapped to individual teaching activities. You can be sure that your scheme of work has complete specification coverage.

Five step guide to creating your scheme of work

  1. Choose the statements from the specification that you want to cover
  2. Choose from the activities mapped to the statements
  3. Add notes of additional materials or resources that might be needed for a particular lesson.
  4. Use the handy overview feature to preview and print your scheme of work.
  5. ‘Print to pdf’ to save your scheme of work (browser dependent).

By the way, the OCR 'A' book will be here in about a month's time….

And the AQA 'A' level book from CUP is out next week!

Sales pitch over… back to 'Homes under the Hammer'...