Portugal Trip - Post 5

Day 5
The final day for me was not the final day for the Turkish colleagues, but was my last session on this particular trip.
I finished my input by introducing some of the ideas related to andragogy, and the differences between teaching adults and teaching children, if there are any… This has been subject to a lot of discussion, starting with the theories of Knowles.

Before I left, the school Principal came in, and she, Jaime and I awarded certificates to the ‘students’ we had been working with for the week, and it was back to Lisbon for me, to catch my flight home.

If the five posts on my Portugal trip have made you think that you might want to come along and take part in a similar course, then you need to contact your national ERASMUS agency, and apply for funding for the course - I can provide more details if you are interested. You too could be eating grilled sea bass in O Raposo, watching the waves crash against the cliffs in the Algarve, and listening to me for hours...

I am already pencilled in for the same time next year…