Earth Null School

Getting ready for the return to school, and putting together a sheet relating to the use of Cameron Beccario's wonderful Null School visualisation of Earth, overlaid with various datasets.
Many people will not have explored the options.

Click on the word EARTH to reveal them.

This is a valuable tool, of which some will only be using a fraction of its potential.

Reminds me of showing somebody that you could tilt Google Earth and show an oblique view… about five years after it had come out...


Brendan Conway said…
I agree - this is one of the best resources of the last few years. It demonstrates atmospheric and ocean processes - and it's beautiful to look at as well. It was particularly useful during the last academic year for teaching about the 2015-16 El Nino event and then following its progress, using Ocean > SSTA (Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly).

After El Nino, Cambecc produced this excellent animation together with some other useful animations e.g. a mesmerising 'one year time lapse of ocean wave height' which shows the formation of low pressure cells including tropical storms (cyclogenesis) using the proxy measure of wave height

A couple of weather websites which use very similar animation techniques are: