OCR B GCSE Geography - textbooks and networks to support teachers

I hope those who are teaching this specification have invested in some rather wonderful Hodder textbooks that I've referred to quite a lot over the last few years.

When we first started discussing this project, I was keen to get the best minds in geography education to write our new OCR B GCSE Geography textbook. All are practising teachers and hands-on with curriculum development. We are all passionate about geography and quality geography teaching. With this in mind, we set out to provide much more than you need to simply cover the content of the specifications. We’ve searched the world for the best case studies and worked in partnership with the OCR specification development team, all former geography teachers themselves.
David Rogers 

As part of the support for teachers, Rob Chambers of St. Ivo School, has created a Schoology and Facebook network that is growing, and has people sharing resources and ideas, with more to come as the new term starts and colleagues start teaching the new specifications.