Volunteered Geographies 1

I've spent some time over the last few days exploring the ideas surrounding my presentation at the Practical Pedagogies event in November, as it's going to be here before we know it...

My theme is the Power of Geographical Information, and how some of the data that are collected by the new "internet of things" and our personal devices can be harnessed for classroom use.
This is an area that is of growing significance: students should be making use of these data but also aware of their role in its production.
I'll be making reference to a few areas and projects that I've been involved in recently:

- the British Red Cross resource on the Nepal Earthquake
- the GI-Learner and GeoCapabilities projects, funded by ERASMUS, that I have taken part in
- my CILT logistics resource for the GA

Will also be referring to a few apps that I use to tap into this data, and the work of individuals such as Ben Hennig and Eric Fischer. Pokemon Go may get a mention too, as part of the idea of volunteered geographic information.
There'll also be mentions of Spatial Literacy, and students' DQ and digital literacy. I've contacted a few other people for some other surprises. There'll be reference to a paper that we prepared for the GI Forum, which has been picked up by the Open University's Google Expeditions team too.

If anyone reading this has any other thoughts on this area, or is aware of useful resources that I should be taking a look at, please get in touch.