A Plastic Ocean

Another session on the OCR Consultative Forum (of which more later) was from Jo Luxton, who is involved in the making of the film: A Plastic Ocean. This film has taken many years to produce, and involved filming around the world to uncover the truth of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other gyres.

Check out the website to find out more about the film.

Jo passed round a few jars, which contained a range of plastic items, all of which had come from the stomachs of baby albatrosses.

Chris Jordan's film 'Message from Midway' came out some time ago, and introduced this idea, along with his Hokusai wave made from plastic pieces, but this was a powerful experience to actually handle the plastic items and see the range of them for real, such as the inkjet cartridge shown in the image here.
Jo asked for our ideas on how to use the movie, and encourage the use of the film to teach certain areas of the curriculum.

This is something which we cover in our unit on the Story of Stuff with Year 8.