Two crowdfunding opportunities to support

There are numerous Kickstarter, Indiegogo and similar crowdfunding opportunities out there...
A couple that I've supported in the last week or so are outlined below.
The first is the map for the Greater London National Park, which is available in various formats. If you're an educator you can order a copy of the map for just £4, or several - you'll want more than one... These would make wonderful displays or gifts.

The second project I've supported this week is from Alex at CITEE t-shirts.
I've already got a Norwich shirt, and it's excellent - I've now ordered another one for just £20, and you can too if you're quick. There are hundreds of cities around the world to choose from, and they are comfortable and striking for the geography teacher in your life (which might be yourself). You also get to support two small businesses rather than larger companies. Alex does posters of the city maps as well...
A limited number of early bird shirts left as I post this... I got an early early bird one :)