Piktochart and VGI

As part of my preparation for the Practical Pedagogies conference in Toulouse, where I will be mentioning a number of tools, I've just recently upgraded to Piktochart Pro as an educator, which costs $20 for a year.

I'm going to be exploring ideas related to the spatial information which is collected when you undertake a transaction online, or use a smart device. I'll be trying to turn the outcomes from my session into an infographic.
VGI is "volunteered geographical information" which you generate through your daily activities. This is not always understood by all consumers or users of apps.

In the UK, we have a TV series called 'Hunted', which takes this idea and uses it to track down members of the public who are on the run. Any use of cash points or smartphones quickly draws the hunters. They can also access CCTV cameras and other surveillance devices…

What information are you sharing about where you are?