Practical Pedagogies - Post 10 - The day after Practical Pedagogies

After a night on the ale, it was time for a day of R and R… not rest and recuperation but rain and ruins…
I was up quite early the day after the pub crawl before, and feeling OK as I’d stopped just after midnight. Looking at social media it was clear that other delegates hadn’t stopped quite as early, and were in fact still out at 3am...

The weather forecast sadly precluded a trip up to the Pyrenees and the Cirque du Gavarnie, which was the original plan, and it was time for Plan B. I wandered into town and did a little browsing in some of the shops that were open. Was due to meet with Matt from GeographyPods and Richard from GeographyalltheWay, and it was back to the Capitole square, and  Le Florida and sat outside as the market set up, and had a good breakfast to set us up for the day.
We then headed out of town, and down the péage towards Narbonne and the Mediterranean. Although there was the odd glimpse of the sun, there was a greater amount of cloud.
We headed for Carcassonne: a world-famous site, which was apparently almost demolished in the last century as it had fallen into disrepair. Even now, there were quite a few parts which were in disrepair, and markers on the walls to monitor subsidence of some of the towers.
The views across the landscape would have been more impressive without the clouds; the Pyrenees were invisible sadly. The medieval walls and towers were picturesque.

We explored the city, before heading into a restaurant for French Onion Soup and other local delicacies, and then the Basilica and other parts of the city before heading back to Toulouse – there was a rugby match on, and Matt dodged through the traffic back to my hotel, where I bought some food for the evening in case the weather didn’t improve.
In the end, I at least ‘got the value’ out of my budget hotel room and its wifi as I spent the evening working and watching UK TV on the FilmonTV App (recommended for overseas travel)