Practical Pedagogies - Post 2 - Exploring Toulouse

On arriving at the airport in bright sunshine, I met my colleague Claire, and we caught the airport shuttle bus to Matabiau station and then checked into our hotels. We met up later, and walked into the centre of town, heading towards the Capitole and some of the churches. The first stop was a beer and catch-up. Musee Augustins was the next stop, along with a little light shopping and browsing. The museum was excellent, and had a good mix of ancient and modern, and interesting architecture. We then headed for the river, and got some lunch. In the evening, we went out for a beer in an excellent bar, and then to a restaurant – good food and wine. My hotel was in an area called Minime, and as we walked back we had our first of many encounters with the local sex workers, who were in the area along the Canal du Midi.

Image: Alan Parkinson, click for biggery...