Practical Pedagogies - Post 8 - Day 2 of the conference - a Geographical morning

-->There was a geographical theme to the morning of the 2nd day for me. We had breakfast again – a little rushed, and then out to get the bus to conference, arriving after 8 having travelled through the rush hour traffic again. The day was a little brighter too. Coffee to kick off the day as we set up our rooms for the workshops.
Richard Allaway was first up on the second day for me.
He had brought a whole range of VR toys for delegates to play with. Richard Allaway shared his work at Conisbrough Castle: an old haunt of mine. There was Google Cardboard as well as a range of headsets and options for accessing, and creating VR content.
You can read about his work on his site here.

Including seeing the presentation on Google Slides....

This was a good session, and interesting to see a range of experiences of VR so far.

From that it was straight through next door and set up for my own session. I've previously shared the link to my presentation. I enjoyed the session, although it was a little short, either that or I over ran...

--> I was pleased to read this feedback from one of the people who attended my session:

"Absolute highlight of the conference for me. Left with loads of new ideas and resources to use in my lessons. A hugely engaging speaker and a brilliant presentation"... very kind!

David Rogers then led a session which was based on his work in his school – some of which was familiar to me having heard David speak before, but it was getting a good reception from the large group who came to see him, and included his famous post-it note Curiosity glasses.

Matt Podbury had already done his session on Reactive Geography previously. This involved a range of fabulous ideas which I could immediately see a use for.

Matt’s site is already an essential stopping off point for me on a regular basis, and we use quite a lot of his materials at King’s Ely.
He is planning some new updates for the changed IB specifications at different levels which are emerging soon. Richard Allaway was also preparing to lead some of the training on these units.

It was then time for lunch after a wonderful morning of Geography goodness.

Images: Matt Podbury