Practical Pedagogies - Post 9 - Day 2 pm and evening

After lunch, it was time for the final afternoon of Pedagogies, and time for more discussions with colleagues.
I went to the first half of a Minecraft session presented by Stephen Reid, which gave loads of ideas for using gaming. There were a few new ideas which I came across related to gaming which I will try this term.
At the end of the day, it was back into the main hall for the final plenary session from Ewan McIntosh, and the drawing of the raffle, before the coach journey back to town. The weather was a bit grey but was staying dry for the evening. I went back to the hotel, and changed, and had some food. I then made my way into the town centre via a meandering route navigating by memory, and finding new areas that I hadn't walked down before. It was good to add a new city to my mental map. It was time from Practical pubagogies, and a 'pub crawl'.

As a pub crawl it wasn’t the most successful ever, as we stayed in the same pub all night. It was a terrific bar on the Rue Pargamini√®res called La Tireuse.

The laconic bar man coped with the bar being taken over by 80+ thirsty teachers. I was on the Saison Dupont, followed by SAS Pils, and ended up talking to many new and old friends. A lovely evening, before walking home in the rain, and meeting some new female friends in Minime once again on the way... reflecting on one of the highlights of the year.
Image:Matt Podbury and I in La Tireuse