Teachmeet at the RGS - Part 3

Was great to see Daniel Raven Ellison for a coffee and catch-up before we wandered up to the RGS Teachmeet.
He's been doing work with CISCO and he brought his EEG headset that he's been wearing as he walks across all the cities and National Parks in the country. I was hoping to catch up with some of the Twitter teachers that I've 'talked to' virtually but not face to face.
Leading the event from the front and keeping the timings going meant I didn't have as much time for that as I hoped, and also had to leave before the end, so missed the last couple of presentations. If you follow the link to the Dropbox here, you can access most of the presentations.

There were a few more elements that you can read about in previous posts on the blog.
Hopefully the event will run again next year, and I can enjoy a slightly less stressful evening just listening to other people presenting… although I probably won't be able to help myself offering a presentation...
I'm sure David Rogers has it in mind to run again.

The next Teachmeet I'll be attending will be the GA Conference Teachmeet which will be at the GA Conference, before the Beermeet.
Booked my hotel yesterday and already looking forward to it.

I've also had confirmation already of 2 workshops that I'll be presenting on the Friday of conference.