Having set myself a challenge of not buying many more books ahead of Christmas, I succumbed today to a new book, which was given an excellent review in today's 'Guardian'.
It's a book called 'Vertical', and is about the changing nature of our cities, and how their 'verticality' (if there is such a word) reinforces some of the aspects of inequality which we are familiar with.
It's been written by Professor Stephen Graham from Newcastle University, who describes himself as a 'geography geek'.

He describes the impact of seeing the first satellite images from Landsat.
“They were amazing for a teenage geography geek like me,” he says. “I would get the images and overlay them onto local maps to work out where places were. Ever since I’ve been pretty much obsessed with satellites.” 

It can currently be obtained at half price direct from Verso Books, complete with a free eBook for your Kindle.

Check out the work of the Global Urban Research Unit.