Fashion Revolution Fanzine

I've been using the work of Fashion Revolution for some time in my teaching, as part of our work on the Geography of Stuff - which is coming up again after Christmas in fact.
This is a unit focussing on the Geographies of what we own and consume, and discard, and I make use of some of Matt Podbury's resources (as always) and the work that I did with Professor Ian Cook for Follow the Things.

Fashion Revolution's key enquiry question is "Who made my clothes".

They have now launched a new publication which they are calling a fanzine. They are apparently printing 300, and need to have that number ordered to put the magazine into production. I'm all for this sort of publication: the Weapons of Reason publications so far have been amazing resources for geographers, so have this one ordered, and hope the project comes to fruition.

You can order a copy here.