Please say thanks by supporting Claire :)

I hope you're finding this blog useful for your teaching, curriculum development, resource gathering, personal CPD or just general entertainment. It's been on the go since 2008, and it's now getting quite close to 7000 posts...

I'd like to ask a favour to help support my friend, mentor and colleague Claire Kyndt who supported me back into the classroom, and continues to provide inspiration for me. Claire is going to be running the London Marathon in 2017 for Mind.
I know as teachers we are the occupation that is among the most generous of them all.

If you've found this blog, or any of my other work and resources helpful in any way, I'd be really grateful if you could contribute perhaps £1 (or whatever you're comfortable donating) to Claire's total, so that she can get closer to reaching her target.
This blog, and my other resource sites have always been free, so I've not made a habit of requesting money from anybody, particularly in a time of austerity, but this is a great cause. Think of it as a running equivalent of those "buy me a coffee" buttons you see on some websites.

Click here to visit Claire's Virgin fundraising page.
Thanks for reading...

Thanks to those wonderful people who have sponsored Claire already since I added this post. You're very kind, and Claire sends her thanks too, particularly if you donated anonymously.