Post Offices threatened

This is the Post Office in my village, on the left of the image...

We're coming up to Christmas, the busiest time of the year for the Post Office, when hundreds of millions of items are posted, with a deadline to get there before the big day. It's also a week when there is some industrial action planned by some Post Office workers.

This article outlines some of the problems for rural communities if their Post Office closes. At the moment, each village Post Office is supported if there isn't another one within a certain number of miles. This support is being reviewed, and the result is that one of the lifelines of a village is its Post Office. The Post Office is one of the hubs of my village, along with the church, the butcher and the pub, and also the Little Chippy...

Rural-urban comparisons, and the way that some rural communities are affected are important to consider, and have previously formed a major part of 'A' level studies. They could also form part of what might be called 'Changing Places'.

Some communities need support from groups like ACRE. 
Some villages have reopened the post office in association with a local hub, sometimes located in a pub or community shop. We've always tried to support our local Post Office.

Image: Post Office in my village (on the left, butcher and church and pub on the right)