Welcome back to a new year of blogging here on LivingGeography - a year when I expect to break through 7000 posts, and 2.5 million readers.

I've got a few plans ahead, as I've already blogged: work on European projects, and some writing to add to the usual teaching mix. There's some curriculum planning to do, and preparation for an ISI visit.

There are also a few new projects that I've decided to go with: a new daily blog 365 challenge called 'The new Geography Vademecum', which will showcase 365 resources for Geography teachers, and provide some ideas that I'm developing for a new book that is a summer 2017 project. This new blog starts today, so head over there now and see what a Vademecum is....
I'm also going to be setting a weekly challenge which I'm calling a ChallenGEO
There will be 52 of these. The first one was set in a previous post. You have until the end of the first week of the year to complete it if you want to get involved - this one involves taking an image which captures the 'sense of place' of somewhere within 5 minutes of where you live.  

Later in the year, I'm also going to be travelling round the world 'virtually', using social media and polls to guide my route. I'm going to set off from my house, and circumnavigate the globe following a route that hasn't yet been decided yet. I will be sharing my travel route, and options, and reading up on the best places to travel. I'll try and keep up to date each day, but may lag as we get back into term time. The plan is to make it back home before the end of the year, having shared a lot of information about the world. I've lined up some of the books that are on my shelves to help with this, and will be mining those for trivia and other information, and also creating a Twitter list of relevant accounts.
You can find my travels on the @TravALANman twitter feed.

You can follow some of the other things I'm going to share this year at various locations:

My teaching blog: Geography Teacher 2 Point 0
My Flickr images: there are already 17 500 images there that you are free to use.
My main Twitter account: @GeoBlogs

Have a good 2017 everyone...