Sunday, 1 January 2017

ChallenGEO - Week 1 - Close to home...

Here's a new feature for the blog, a geographical challenge...
I'm calling it ChallenGEO
I'm going to set a Geographical challenge each week for 2017. This is for the week from January 1st to 7th.

I'll also be completing them myself, just so that you can see they are achievable and that I wouldn't ask you to do something I hadn't done myself :)

The first challenge is called 'Close to Home' and could be completed during the final days of the Christmas break.This picture was taken within 5 minutes of my home.

Here's your challenge for the first week of the new year.

Find a location within 5 minutes of where you live, and take a photo capturing its 'sense of place' - something that appeals to you that captures its essence, or atmosphere....
Add it to this Flickr GROUP if you use this service.

Thanks in advance...


Thanks to the three folks who've already completed the challenge within a few hours: Angus, Graeme and Brendan

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