Flood surge

The bad weather of the last few weeks has caused problems for various locations around the country. This has meant a range of snowfall, ice and strong winds. A few centimetres of snow has caused the usual chaos in some places.
On Friday night this week, thousands of people were evacuated, or advised to evacuate from properties along the East coast, from Northumberland round to Essex. In the end the combination of factors didn't all happen at the same time to raise the level of the tide. These included:
- high spring tides (full moon)
- strong northerly winds (which didn't turn out as forecast)

This morning, I headed for Sheringham to see the results of last night. Much of the promenade was cordoned off, and there were smashed up beach huts and other cobbles and debris on the sea front. Fishing boats had been pulled up into the village and parked outside houses, and the fences had been damaged. We visited our favourite Funky Mackerel Cafe and had some chips in the sun. Always good to get a bit of fresh air. Some of the pictures I took are in the show below. They may be of use or interest to someone...