Follow your clothes

It's the time of year when many people are wearing new socks and underpants that Father Christmas brought them. Or perhaps a Christmas jumper.
Do you know where these would have been made, and by whom?
Are they ethically sourced?
Made by people earning a good wage?

There are some ways that you can find that out, and I've been working with some of those people for some time now. I'm gearing up to teach our unit on the Geography of our Stuff. Where does it come from?
Jo Salter has set up a company where she is able to follow the origins of the cloth and the other materials that go into her ethically made clothing.
There's a good report in the East Anglian Daily Times on this local company.
Where does it come from? is the name of the company, and you can also check out their social media work on Facebook and elsewhere. Connects with my work with Follow the Things.
Here's the traceability function that the company offers.

Each garment has a label with a code, which tells the story of the garment when entered into the website.