Structural Learning Research Project at King's Ely

As part of the Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) which we are involved in at King's Ely, we have termly meetings of our groups. We are now at the point where we are pairing up and, about to start using the STRIDE coaching model to develop one aspect of our teaching.

STRIDE (Strengths, Target, Real Situation, Ideas, Decision and Evaluate)

I have chosen to focus on the work I've been doing with Google Expeditions as my focus, and in the meantime I have been writing some of the lesson plans that can be found on the TES Resources page.
As part of this work, we welcomed Shailey Minocha from the Open University.

One of the other Teacher Learning Communities was teamed up with Paul from Better Thinking. 
He has produced a set of blocks and some means of using them to explore topics by 'building' structures. These resemble mini whiteboards which are on Lego-like bricks. The blocks are the idea of Paul Main, and are used to scaffold thinking and communicate ideas.

Structural Learning is the name of this approach, and we will be sharing more of the outcomes as the research project develops.