Twig work - Google Expeditions

A few years ago, when I was freelance, I spent quite a few months writing the resources to go with their Geography film - it ended up being a fairly mega project with tens of thousands of words written for it - film scripts to edit, and various other work to create the package which accompanies Twig's Geography Films. They have won quite a few awards for this supporting content.

Just before Christmas I spent a few days working indirectly for Twig again, as part of a team of people creating Google Expeditions lesson plans. These involved me writing about a range of geographical topics, including the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef, and the conquest of Everest.

They can be viewed on the TES website along with others written by other colleagues. Not all of mine have been added at the time of writing.

Good to see I'm also still mentioned on the Twig website as part of the Twig team. Always happy to help guys!