7000 up

Well, another milestone reached today, as I noticed that I've just reached the notable figure of 7000 blog posts on LivingGeography since I started it in 2008. That's a fair few words written, in the millions I would guess, and that's matched with well over 2 million reads of the blog, which is rather good too.... considering it's a subject specific blog rather than a more general teaching and learning type one.

I've written on all sorts of subjects related to geography, curriculum and pedagogy, the work I did for the GA, and the various projects I've been involved in, and the many hundreds of publications, articles and resources I've authored in that time. If you're about to teach something, or are researching a topic, use the search box top left on the main page, and I've probably written something about it. You can also scroll down the right hand side until you get to the labels and click on a label to see what I've said.

You could also look top right, where there is an opportunity to SUBSCRIBE to the blog. This means that you will get one e-mail on the morning after any day that I add a post, with a summary of those posts. If I don't add anything you won't get an e-mail - simple as that....

Next stop - 8000 - check back in about a year or so's time to see me reach that target - I'm in it for the long game.