Chartered College of Teaching

In 2007/8 I became a Chartered Geographer (Teacher)
I was pleased to have some 'recognition' for the work I had done in the subject community, by submitting a CPD log to the Royal Geographical Society (which extended an existing scheme to teachers), and writing a statement to reflect on the impact I had both in and beyond the classroom.
In the years since, I have also supported several other people to become Chartered Geographers, and written quite a few references for those who wished to complete the process.

There's now another Chartered opportunity for teachers.

I joined the Chartered College of Teaching on the first day that memberships became available a few weeks ago now, as I could see the benefits of this new opportunity to develop a new supportive community, and was also interested in the access that it provided for members to a range of academic journals which are usually held behind an expensive paywall for those of us who are not in an academic institution.

There is strength in numbers, and while it remains to be seen whether this will be different to a previous body called the GTC, which we all had to pay to join.

I'm also still waiting to hear more about the journal access offer though.


Duncan Hawley said…
The antecedent of the Chartered College of Teachers is the College of Teachers which I joined some 20 years ago. I quite enjoyed their journal 'Teaching Today' - which has a range of readable articles ....I presume the CCT will produce something similar ....if not a continuation. The journal access will be through the EBSCO package - which has quite a range of deals with publishers although some have a time delay so can on,y be accessed 18monthe or 2 years aftervpublication. Nevertheless the journal access is a useful asset to membership.
I remain open as to what the CCT will be/do for the profession...the vibes so far seem to favour a 'soft' and 'skills' oriented approach to education rather than a knowledge-led conceptual focus to education (capabilities led of course)....I hope there might be room for persuasion!