Granta: Journeys

I've got quite a few issues of Granta on my shelves, and they're usually the issues related to travel and travel writing.
The latest issue is called Journeys, and features some excellent pieces.
You can visit the Granta website by clicking the link above, and read quite a few of the pieces. Various travel writers such as Robert MacFarlane, Colin Thubron and Pico Iyer, all of which are excellent authors, and two of which I've heard speaking in person, are asked whether travel writing is dead?
Robert MacFarlane mentions 'The Living Mountain' once again (the focus for an SAGT workshop I did I few years ago that remains one of the more successful workshops that I led), and also the challenge facing writers today, as:

"the scale and structure of the Anthropocene charges travel literature with new obligations and confronts it with new crises: how to represent the dispersed consequences of climate change and mass extinction, for instance, or how to map and track the so-called ‘hyperobjects’ with which we are so entangled".

Worth getting hold of a hard copy...