Charney Primary Conference - Day 2 - Part 1

Saturday morning dawned bright, and I was able to take a quick early morning stroll before breakfast - a real pleasure to be able to do that.
The first session was chaired by Mel Norman, and the focus was on teacher education for primary.
Clare Brooks from the Institute of Education talked about her work, and the value of involving HEIs. Simon Catling talked about his experiences, and Susan Pike then shared her work. As with Anne Dolan, Susan also works in Ireland, and her recent book on Primary Geography is excellent too.

She shared some recent work, before Marian Blankman talked about her work in research. This was quite relevant to the work of GeoCapabilities, which she referenced, and I was interested to see what she said about the processes of teaching Geography teachers Geography...
After coffee, I had a choice of session, and decided to move to the Solar, where there was a session chaired by Paul Baker.
This featured Shelagh Waddington, Sandra Austin and Susan Pike again, before Imo Sahi talked about her work at Sangam in India.

We then had lunch....

Images by Alan Parkinson