Charney Primary Conference - Day 2 - Part 2

Continuing my reflections on the Charney Primary Geography Conference, for those who may be interested...

After lunch it was into the afternoon sessions which were starting to be a little more social, after the quite pedagogy / ITE focus of the morning. I knew that my paper was a bit less academic - I'll come to that when we move into Day 3.
The afternoon involved some more practical sessions, which I was keen about. I started with Stephen Scoffham's Streetwork workshop on the local Charney landscape. This took some ideas from Townscape analysis, which I was more familiar with, as I used it many years ago while an undergraduate, and then used it in my first school as a way of exploring the local area. It's a way of seeing how the streets and urban environment have been constructed so that there is visual interest to it. It's based on the work of Gordon Cullen.
We wandered through Charney Bassett looking for examples of buildings and other architectural features being arranged in aesthetically pleasing ways.

I then had a difficult choice, as I wanted to attend the session on 'The Machine Stops' which Steve Rawlinson and Tessa Willy had planned, but also wanted to find out about Julia Tanner's place attachment workshop, so went to that one instead. It was then back to the barn for cake and a fine cake it was too.
After the evening meal, there was an interview with Simon Catling, who thought this was going to be followed by a question panel, but it turned out to be time for all the delegates to present Simon with a personal map and story....

This was followed by an 'event' called 'The Spirit of Charney'. This involved music and spoken words, and reflections on a sense of place... and then we had champagne to toast the last 20 years, before heading for the pub where I had an appointment with some Guinness.