Dan's Wild Cities Walk

Dan Raven Ellison completed many changes last year, but one of them was to walk across all the cities and National Parks in the UK.
This involved over 2.4 million steps.

Dan wore a special headset as he was walking which was able to record his emotions, and the data from those trips is going to be released later this year.

I'm looking forward to Dan visiting my school later in the year.

If you're in Cardiff on April the 19th, why not go and see Dan speak... An Eventbrite page is here

What would it be like to walk 1,686km across all of the UK’s 15 national parks and 69 cities while wearing a mind-reading EEG? That’s exactly what Daniel Raven-Ellison did last year to explore how his emotions changed as he explored different kinds of places. Join us for this inspiring talk as Daniel shares stories, thoughts and ideas from his adventures before making the case for a surge of public geography activism. Daniel will go on to share his biggest public geography project, a campaign to make London the world’s first National Park City. You can connect with Daniel in advance of the lecture on Twitter at @DanRavenEllison.’
Wine reception (Viriamu Jones Gallery, Main Building) - 18:00
Keynote lecture - 18:30